Rodeo in Townsend

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot something new.  A pro rodeo came to Townsend for two days.  It set up on the grounds of the Church of the Cove to entertain the Labor Day weekend crowd.  This presented a new challenge compared to the wildlife in the Smoky Mountains.  The rodeo performers were not hard to find.  They were all in the ring right in front of me.  The problem was it was dark.  The only light came from a few portable lights hooked to generators.  The color temperature varied over the ring and the intensity also fluctuated depending on distance from the lights.  This gave me an opportunity to experiment with high ISO.  Most of these images were shot at over 25,000 ISO.  Yes, they are not tack sharp and yes, there is noise; but, when could we take fun pictures at that ISO.

I was surprised by how many of the cowboys were cowgirls.  The bare back and bull rides were all men but the ropers were mixed and of course, the barrel racers were women.  I enjoyed the show but it would be nice to find a day time rodeo to be able to use a more reasonable ISO.

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